About Me...

I enjoy working with bright, vibrant, and uplifting colors and subject in a free flow-loose style. I choose to enjoy the messy process of painting and follow my creative path naturally. The painting process also helps me to feel better as it allows me to sort out what I was thinking and feeling.


                                                                          First Painting


Today I paint because of my husband’s kind support. He nudged me into painting some years ago. I studied graphic art and worked as one for over 20 years. My secret wish was to paint. He knew that I hoped I might paint someday. He made that someday happen quicker than I would have, or maybe even never start. He convinced me to paint a photo of his friend going camping on a mule. “Just have fun!” he said. I did have fun, and I loved that feeling. I have been teaching myself over the years... since 2007. I started with oil and tried many mediums along the way. I paint with acrylics now for it’s quick-drying to work in layers. Occasionally I paint with watercolors too.