About Me...

A touch of cheer to your home. Light upon a new detail every time you look. 

I love the messy process of painting. I aim to lift spirits with colors and subjects that gives joy. My works are done with bright, vibrant and uplifting colors into positive, hopeful, joyful, dreamy, and happy paintings in a loose style. I hope that the viewers see and feel the freedom in my art by its brush strokes, and the mingling and interacting colors.

My paintings are without rules. I had an extremely strict father and teachers as a child. The pressure to learn, and at times there was some pain to endure. Due to that, I had developed a mental block to learn. In turn, I have become very good at figuring things out on my own. Painting gives me a complete mental freedom to create from the heart. Painting is just good for me. 

                                                                          First Painting


I am grateful for my life that God had graciously given, and to my most supportive husband who nudged me into painting some years ago. He knew that I hoped I might paint some day. He made that someday happen quicker than I would have, or maybe even never start. He convinced me to paint a photo of his friend going camping on a mule. “Just have fun!” he said. I did have fun and I loved the result. Since then I have been teaching myself and learning over the 10 year period, selling off and on. But, I couldn’t raise enough confidence to say that I am an artist. In 2017, through some coaching, and much self-examination, I finally decided that I am an ARTIST.