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About Me...

I want my art to cheer the hearts. I choose joyful colors and uplifting subjects because that is how I see life. My favorite medium is acrylics, for it's quick-drying to play with layers. I love the messy process of painting and follow my creative path naturally in absolute freedom. Each piece I create holds my heart's joy that passes on to the world.

  My First Painting - from a photo of my husband's friend going camping.


I am a Korean American artist living and working in Tucson, Arizona, in the United States with my very supportive husband. I earned a degree in graphic art and worked as one for 20+ years, but I have always hoped to paint. With my husbands' encouragement, I gave it a go, and it was love at first try. I am a self-taught artist since 2007. Recently(2019), I stepped out of my comfort zone and has taken part in a group exhibition and juried art fairs. Many of my paintings were used as book covers and in a textbook for colleges, universities, and seminaries. My art has been collected globally in private collections and churches.